Design to Excel in Real Time

CAD design is currently being integrated into textile and pattern design. However, we have already developed the workflow for 3D design and 2D pattern generation. The next step in improving this workflow is to build an integrated network to track proto-type revisions, material costs, and build an integrated digital library.

This is done by linking Rhino CAD to Microsoft Excel using a plug-in called Grasshopper. This along with some custom programming in Visual Basic allows for immediate computation of the area of patterns as well as material nesting for maximizing material usage. This information is then exported right into Excel to track things such as cost.

The whole goal is to build this network and have it update dynamically based on how those updates should occur, whether it be changes to pattern design or material changes as an example.

The idea is not only to push textile design more into the digital world, but to build an entire infrastructure off of digital design. This capability will help businesses track necessary information catered to their needs and increase their bottom line, while building a better product through digital design.


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