Patterns, Manufacturing and Design

We have developed a process of pattern design for various applications that allows for the ability to build and design in a 3D environment with nothing more than some loose sketches, Adobe Illustrator files, or photographs.

From these images we can build a model of various objects ranging from tents, backpacks and foam knee pads to covers for an entire aircraft to scale.

We are than able to "flatten out" the model to create 2D patterns for cutting, sewing, manufacturing, and thermal forming, depending on the application.

Once the patterns are created from the 3D design we can then "nest" the patterns with software to maximize material usage and efficiency for the client.

This process has saved thousands of dollars per project for some of our clients. If you would like us to help you with the design and manufacturing of your product, please visit the contact page by clicking here and we'd be happy to discuss your needs.



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